3D Printing Starts

Today is a little more relaxing as I started test printing some of the 3D parts, mainly the main gun turrets and barrels along with all the fittings for the the rear deck.  After some parts needing minor modification I can see we are getting closer to highly detailed parts for the rear deck.

The main gun turrets took 4 hours to print, so I thought that it would be a good time to fix the bow and stern fairleads.  Both of these needed some careful fitting as they have curves in more than one direction, so a little bit of time was required to fit and then fill and finish this work.  As I am awaiting the arrival of the bespoke brass etch water tight doors I started to airbrush in the shadow under painting, as this will help enhance the port holes and case mates when the final coat is laid down.

Tonight’s job is to complete the drawing of the funnels and associated fittings, the real challenge is to find a way to create the air vents of which there are four per funnel block.  These are not a solid as with other vents but spoon like, but I am sure I will find an appropriate way to do this job.

Main guns with sighting hatch
Main guns with sighting hatch today’s print testing job