Successful Ending!

Well here we are after a long 5 months of work which equates to just under 500 hours build time for this impressive model, and one we are very pleased with! Here she is mounted on the plinth ready to go into the final display case.

Upper Deck nears completion

After about 10 hours work the upper deck is nearly complete, with all the funnels and winches in place along with the ladder ways and skylights. I have also started to add the small detail items such as the search lights, and will be adding the Hawse Reels and...

Upper Deck Test Fitting

Today sees another 12 hours work but the progress is getting more noticeable with every hours that passes, this time its work on the upper deck.  All the main structures have been printed and painted, this includes the revolving hoods for the funnels, ladder ways and skylights and the...

Foreword Deck Fittings

I have added a few images of the main foreword deck and all its fittings after about 6 hours work, which I am very pleased with!

3D Printed Conning Tower

After spending a few evenings looking at the plans I managed to draw up a good representation of the conning tower.  The three main structures were then 3D printed using a new blend of resin from FunToDo as I needed fine detail and at the same time minimal shrinkage...