Boat Deck Update

The boat deck is nearly complete with the addition of the fittings and the davits ready to take the life boats, all that needs to be added is the derricks in the stowed positions.

Life Raft & Winch

The building process is now really moving ahead at a fast pace and some of the new fittings include a 3D printed balsa lift raft and yet another winch.

Boat Deck

Great progress has been made on the boat deck, and as you can see from the photos below its taking shape quickly. The next major job for this deck is to make the raised walkway from brass etch, whilst not a complicated job the etch is very fine so...

Upper Deck nears completion

After about 10 hours work the upper deck is nearly complete, with all the funnels and winches in place along with the ladder ways and skylights. I have also started to add the small detail items such as the search lights, and will be adding the Hawse Reels and...

Upper Deck Test Fitting

Today sees another 12 hours work but the progress is getting more noticeable with every hours that passes, this time its work on the upper deck.  All the main structures have been printed and painted, this includes the revolving hoods for the funnels, ladder ways and skylights and the...

Boat Winch Update

Here’s the finished boat winch with brass etch fitted and completely painted, just a little bit of oil stains to add if time allows.

3D Printed Winch

Today sees the start of the printing of the small boat winch and coal winch along with various ladder ways and skylights, pictured below are two of the winches. When installed onto the correct position on the deck I will add the brass etch handles and wheels.

Upper Deck CAD Drawings

This evening I managed to get most of the upper deck fittings drawn up ready to be converted into 3D printer files. I managed to draw up skylights, ladder ways, some small rooms such as the drying room and a few winches as you will see from the screen...