3D Printed Conning Tower

After spending a few evenings looking at the plans I managed to draw up a good representation of the conning tower.  The three main structures were then 3D printed using a new blend of resin from FunToDo as I needed fine detail and at the same time minimal shrinkage due to the addition of a large amount of brass etch to give the tower added detail.

So most of the day was spent cleaning and painting the tower sections and the two deck inserts, before any wooden decking could be used.  The addition of the brass etch around each deck level had to be carefully measured to ensure that all the drilling of holes would be correct, as they say measure twice, cut once!  It nearly went to plan with only one or two being just slightly out, but some liquid filler resolved the error.

So below are a few photos of the Conning Tower.

Conning Tower - Front
Conning Tower – Front
Conning Tower - Rear
Conning Tower – Rear
Conning tower - 01
Conning Tower – Foreword Deck
Conning Tower - Foreword Deck
Conning Tower – Foreword Deck