Anchors – 3D printed

I took some time out the other evening to draw up some anchors that I printed using the new blend of resin from FunToDo that is designed for the Form1+ printer as this allows me to produce very small items with lots of detail.

Boat Deck Update

The boat deck is nearly complete with the addition of the fittings and the davits ready to take the life boats, all that needs to be added is the derricks in the stowed positions.

Deck Guns

Just a few images of the 3D printed deck guns now completely painted and installed.

Main Guns

All four of the main turret guns are now installed and complete with associated fittings placed around them as shown on the HMS Antrim drawings.

Deck Guns

Another partly finished job was the installation of the 3 pdr and 12 pdr deck guns, which have been 3D printed using the new FunToDo resin blend designed for the Form1+. Due to the size of the guns extra care is required to remove them from the support material...

Life Raft & Winch

The building process is now really moving ahead at a fast pace and some of the new fittings include a 3D printed balsa lift raft and yet another winch.

3D Printed Guns

Whilst working on the boat deck I set the 3D printer to create the 3 pdr and 12 pdr guns, and this took a little over 4 hours. The result for that time was an identical set of guns, something even the most experienced modeller would find difficult to...